LP Resale is an idea that all Lilly Pulitzer lovers have one affordable website to list and buy their favorite brand of clothes.

I never thought I could afford to wear Lilly every day. My first find at TJ Maxx began my love for Lilly Pulitzer clothes. I began to seek out all resale options to grow my collection. It seemed like I was always checking about 20 Facebook groups, and a long list of other resale sites and I wanted to create a place for all Lilly lovers. So LP Resale began!

Now I am truly obsessed with the patterns and the love and friendship that one brand beings to so many around the world.

I chose the lemon logo because Lilly Pulizter began making her own clothes while working at a lemonade stand to hide the stains. that is how this awesome brand that e all love began. A hard-working woman inventing a product line while hiding stains.

I hope is this becomes more than a buying and selling site, my future plans are to add a forum so we are a community as well.

Happy Selling and Buying,

Hope Anthony